Tour of Egypt

March 1st, 2024 - March 10th, 2024

Join us for an Egyptian Adventure...

Scratch this off your bucket list and join us for a 10 day tour of  Egypt. You’ve dreamt of seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx since childhood. Well, now’s your chance. We’ll then go beyond the land of the Pharaohs and venture forth with a cruise up the Nile River from Aswan to Luxor, where we’ll visit the Valley of the Kings. We’ll also explore the coast of the Red Sea, snorkel the enchanting reefs and swim with dolphins. With lots to see and many surprises planned, this will be an unforgettable trip you will not want to miss.  If you like history, culture, beauty and mystery, this is surely the trip for you.

The Cost of This Tour is $3,200.00

RenAdventures have developed the most absolutely incredibly amazing experience you will treasure the rest of your life!

Julianne M. Reiner


Day 1  Land in Cairo
مرحبا بكم فى مصر Welcome to Egypt.  We are so glad you’re here. After passport and visa control we will meet you at the Cairo airport and whisk you off to your luxurious green star*  hotel. After you settle in, let’s have lunch and then explore the new Museum of Cairo. This will give you a fine overview of this enchanting country and a preview of what’s to come.  

Day 2  Cairo
Gear up, everyone. This is a busy day! After a sumptuous breakfast we will meet our guide, Machmoud, and taken to the Giza Pyramid Complex. This will be much of what you came for.  The great pyramid, the Sphinx, and Memphis City. And that’s just before lunch.  After our afternoon meal we’ll head to a papyrus factory where we’ll learn how to make the worlds first paper. And then we’ll head to the El Khaliti bazar for a bit of shopping. You will feel like you’re in Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

Day 3   Cairo
Today is a day of reflection and perspective. We’re going to a place called the Coptic Complex.  In this neighborhood we’ll explore mosque, a church and a temple. The most influential religions in one place.  Today we will also climb up to the top of the minaret of Bab Zuwella and get a beautiful glimps our welcoming host city. Dinner tonight will be made by you, dear guests, as we learn how to master this wonderful cuisine in our very own cooking class.      

Day 4   cruise
Ahoy Mateys!!!!   Today we’re taking a rode trip within a road trip. We head to the airport and fly to Aswan (included) We’ll explore this ancient city before boarding our cruise ship for the next two nights. Tonight we will wine, dine and dance as we slowly cruise up the Nile river.  Fly to Aswan and then board the boat

Day 5 cruise
We will make a stop on our cruise to the celestial Abu Simbel Temples built by Pharaoh Ramses II in 1200 BC.  This stop will include the temple dedicated to his beloved Queen Nefertiti.   

Day 6 Cruise
Another stop filled with incredible sights and shopping as we continue on this river which begot much of human civilization. 

Day 7 Luxor
After we disembark from our cruise we will explore the the Valley of the Kings with its underground labyrinth of 63 royal tombs. King Tut and SETI I and Ramses the great are all intombed here. We’ll then spend the night in this mystical city  

Day 8 Marsa Alam  Iberotel costa
We have a special treat today. For those brave among you, we will get up very early and have a hot air balloon ride over Luxor.  This is something you will remember til the end of your days. There is nothing like it. 

After breakfast, we head to our last stop on the journey. The seaside town of Marsa Alam.  The drive there is a stunning experience of Egypt:s unique and wild desert environment including a journey through the majestic mountains framing the Red Sea. After check-in at our seaside encampment we’ll head for dinner and nightlife in Port Ghalib. 

Day 9  Marsa Alam
Our last day includes more things on your life’s wish list. You’ll ride that camel (be careful, they spit) and then we’ll head out to one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. You’ll learn a little bit about sustainable tourism and why this coral reef might very well be able to save and restore the Great Barrier Reef and all the others which are dying, Once there you’ll scuba dive (if you’re certified) or snorkel amongst dolphin and sea turtles.   

Day 10  Depart Marsa Alam
After breakfast we wish you all a fond farewell. We will of course take you to the Marsa Alam airport with much gratitude for you having joined us on this once in a lifetime experience.  We hope that your life has been enriched by your experiences and we hope you’ll join us again in the future… 

What You Get

What’s included:

  • Meet up at the airport
  • All ground transportation
  • All hotel accommodations (Based on double occupancy)*
  • Domestic flight from Cairo to Aswan
  • Entrance fees to all sites as included indicated in the itinerary
  • All meals 
  • Private local licensed guide in Cairo and Luxor
  • All service charges and taxes

What’s not included

  • International flights
  • Egyptian entry visa. (We will show you the best ways to get your visa)

Hot air balloon ride over Luxor.  (Additional $200.00)

Praise for RenAdventures


“All our accommodations were top-notch and we traveled in comfort on a private chauffeured mini-bus.”

 – Damaris Wilcox


“My husband and I enjoyed Italy tremendously and would never have been able to plan such a visit so well on our own.”

 – Jeanne Lynch


“Would I go on another tour with RenAdventures? Absolutely—the sooner the better!”

 – Cherie Ferro


“I’d go again every year if I could, and do plan on another trip with them!“

 – Diana Ballew