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RenAdventures & Destination DnD, Specialized & Themed Tour Companies, Providing Culture Tours & Adventures

Are you interested in international travel, but you’re not sure how to navigate planning a trip? Let RenAdventures & Destination DnD, experts in cultural tours & adventures and Dungeons & Dragons themed tours, take care of all the details while you focus on having fun! RenAdventures’ tour leaders Paolo and Carl will guide you through first class tours with unforgettable adventures to a number of destinations all around the world. Destination DnD themed tours take place in England & New Orleans, with Dungeon Master Paolo and other D&D tour/event leaders.

Our Tour Destinations

RenAdventures’ destinations include:

Italy Tours

England Tours

Germany Tours

Czech Republic Tours

Egypt Tours

Destination DnD destinations include:

French Quarter, New Orleans, USA

Muncaster Castle, England

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Our Beginnings

Paolo Garbanzo, the founder of RenAdventures, has professionally performed for 30 years and performed at medieval and renaissance festivals throughout England, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic for two decades. His juggling talents and performances always entranced festival goers, leaving them with a curiosity to learn more about his travels, and a yearning to travel to some of the same destinations. In 2014, he realized a need for specialized and themed tour packages thus he began offering tours. The mission of RenAdventures is to offer fun, worryfree themed international tour options, so travelers can focus on enjoying themselves rather than be stressed out about all the intricacies and details!

Recently, RenAdventure expanded their offerings beyond cultural tours & adventures and founded sister company Destination DnD, offering Dungeons & Dragons themed tours and events. As lifelong D&D and role playing game hobbyists, Dungeon Master Paolo and our D&D event and tour leaders from all across the USA strive to provide entertainment and amazing adventures of the mind through our fantasy tours!

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About RenAdventures Tours

RenAdventures’ cost-conscious cultural tours & adventures range from 7-10 day stays and delve into the culture, history, music, architecture, and cuisine of our destinations. Unlike most tour companies, RenAdventures’ tour leaders are not only first-rate tour guides, they are also world class travelers and entertainers with exclusive access to one-of-a-kind, eclectic tour activities!

  • Medieval & Renaissance festivals and fairs
  • Historic site visits
  • Medieval banquets & feasts
  • Entertainment such as juggling shows
  • Cooking lessons with local chefs 
  • Winery visits
  • Outdoor activities such as river rafting, cave tours, active volcano visits, & more!
  • Museum visits
  • Church & cathedral visits
  • Hot air balloon rides

For those of you who have encountered our performers on stage, now come and let us guide you through a tour from the perspective of a well-traveled world entertainer!  Our current destinations include Sicily, Tuscany, Rome, Egypt, and Cornwall, England. Stay tuned for tour packages in the Czech Republic and Germany!

About Destination DnD Tours

For those of you who love to travel AND have a passion for TTRPG, Destination DnD offers Dungeon and Dragons themed tours in the French Quarter, New Orleans and the Muncaster Castle in Cumbria, England. 

For the French Quarter New Orleans D&D tour, travelers will have the opportunity to partake in activities such as boat rides, carriage rides, and tours around the historic city plus hours of D&D play in one of the most haunted hotels in the city! At the end of each D&D tour, our travelers will be treated like heroes for the day at The Louisiana Renaissance Festival!

Muncaster Castle tour goers will have the opportunity to spend six days immersed in D&D in the castle in Cumbria, England! Our tour leaders will explore the Muncaster Estate and include hours of gaming inside the halls of the castle, medieval feasts, archery, falconry, and many more festivities!

“The Sicily Tour was, in a word, ‘stellar’! The entire experience was first class.”
Rowan Wilke

“I’d go again every year if I could, and do plan on another trip with them!
Diana Ballew

“Would I go on another tour with RenAdventures? Absolutely—the sooner the better!”
Cherie Ferro

“It’s a once in a lifetime trip that you will not forget!”
Beth Burroughs

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