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With Giacomo and Paolo

You’re not the average tourist. We’re not the average tour.

RenAdventures offers you personal access to the European experience. Carl and Paolo guide you through ten days of unforgettable activities. As world traveling entertainers your guides at RenAdventures have access to events and experiences from an angle that no one else has. Together we delve into the neighborhoods, the people, and the culture of each destination. You’ll meet people and make friends, see unique architecture, taste the flavors of the landscape, and be able to relax. RenAdventures take care of all the details while you focus on having fun.

Rome with Jack The Whipper!

February 2024
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“The Sicily Tour was, in a word, ‘stellar’! The entire experience was first class.”

Rowan Wilke

“I’d go again every year if I could, and do plan on another trip with them!

Diana Ballew

“Would I go on another tour with RenAdventures? Absolutely—the sooner the better!”

Cherie Ferro

“It’s a once in a lifetime trip that you will not forget!”

Beth Burroughs

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