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D&D Weekend

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A full weekend adventure awaits as your favorite performers from the PA Renaissance Faire guide you through an epic quest of Dungeons & Dragons (5e).  Bring your costumes as we play table-top D&D mixed with live action excitement and entertainment.  

Once you sign up, join us in the online forum where we will create your character with you.   Also find out about the plot and chat with your fellow adventurers before the game.

When you arrive, you’ll receive your character and a set of dice. You’ll also start off with some coins to use at the magic market where you can outfit your character with needed supplies and information.

We start friday evening with a “you all meet at a tavern” dinner and entertainment, we then proceed with the first chapter of our scenario!  

Saturday we return for the second chapter of our game, followed by lunch, more live action excitement,  and then the finale of our adventure. We end the evening with a Heroes’ feast and live entertainment. 

Sunday we return for a leisurely brunch with our Game Masters for a Q&A session about the adventure.  Prizes and awards will be given for memorable moments of the game, and Game Masters will answer questions and reveal secrets about our shared adventure.

The tavern cash bar will be open throughout.

This event is open to people of all ages 16 and up, minors must have a guardian present.

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