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Ancients and Islands: Greece

June 4th, 2023 - June 13th, 2023

Ancients and Islands

Come with us to this magical and ancient land as we walk the cobblestone streets, see the arched white facades, and ocean-blue roofs of Santorini. Watch the setting sun and dance into the night on the island of Naxos. These are just a few of the picturesque Greek landscapes you may find with RenAdventures on this 10 day tour. We’ll also travel back in time and view Athens from the lens of Greek Mythology, visiting the Acropolis and open air museums around the city.  At the oracle of Delphi you will not only glimpse western civilisation’s past and perhaps into your own future as well.

The cost of this tour is $3,290.00 per person.

RenAdventures have developed the most absolutely incredibly amazing experience you will treasure the rest of your life!

Julianne M. Reiner


Day 1 Athens June 4th

καλως ηρθες στην ΕΛΛΑΔΑ – Welcome to Greece
You will be met by your eager guides, Carl and Paolo, at the airport and whisked away to the ancient yet thriving city of Athens. After settling into our hotel you’ll be joined on the rooftop, looking out on the Acropolis, by your other intrepid RenAdventurers for an aperitif before dinner. A short walk to the hip neighborhood of Plaka and there will be dinner and music from local folk musicians. After dinner we make it to what may very well be the coolest dessert place in the entire world. Sleep well, friends, and rest up for an exciting day on the morrow.

Day 2 Athens: June 5th

We hope you brought comfy shoes, esteemed guests, ‘cause today is an active day.
After a sumptuous breakfast we’ll head out to immerse ourselves in the Greece of long ago. First stop: Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kotsanas. There we’ll discover fascinating inventions of the early Greeks in agriculture, warfare and music.

After lunch we’ll head toward the Acropolis where we’ll be met by the intriguing and adventurous, Charis. She will lead us on a Treasure hunt at the foot of the age-old centerpiece of Athens. Just one of the places we’ll discover will be the prison of Socrates where he was held before his early demise.

Before going to the Acropolis we’ll journey to the museum dedicated to this iconic monument. My favorite part is seeing all these white marble statues painted in the way they were originally meant to be presented and learning the reason we rarely see it this way today.

Sunset from the Acropolis. There are no words to describe this so we won’t even try. You’ll just have to be there.

After such a long day and a sumptuous dinner we’ll stroll to a Greek ice cream parlor where if you’re brave enough you can try some olive oil, kataifi, or mastic ice cream.

Day 3 Delphi June 6

Today we board a bus for The Oracle of Delphi: the center of the ancient world. Perhaps as we pass through and gaze upon the magnificent Greek countryside we’ll ponder what messages we will receive from the gods when we arrive. Here in the navel of the earth, dating back to the 5th century B.C. we will wander where Dionysus was entombed and Gaia and Apollo resided. Even the most jaded among us will feel its mysticism and power.

When we arrive back to Athens from our voyage we dine once again and witness the lighter side of Greek mythology. We will be attending a play. “Medea and other friends I made in Athens” presented in English at the open air Koilon Theater. This hilarious production will give us a different take of the soap opera that was the Greek gods.

Day 4 Santorini June 7

Today we hit the ancient Aegean Sea. We’ll take an early ferry to the next stop on our RenAdventure: The magical and ridiculously photogenic island of Santorini. After settling into our hotel and a light lunch we wander to Oia. Once there you will want to wander these age old streets, shop and take a million pictures.

Day 5 Santorini June 8

Unpack your swimming gear and get ready for some fun. We are taking an all day sailing and swimming excursion in the Caldera. Nothing can prepare you for the sights you’ll see and for the experience of swimming in an active volcano. This is truly something to write home about.

And then it’s date night at RenAdentures: dinner and a movie in the beautiful outdoor Cinema Kamari. No matter what’s playing we know you’ll enjoy tonight’s entertainment in this enchanting theater. (And don’t worry, it will be in English with Greek subtitles)

Day 6 Santorini June 9

Two highlights await us today in between delicious meals. One of which we’ll make ourselves. First we’ll visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira where we’ll get a glimpse of finds from various excavations,and trace the course of prehistoric Thira from the late Neolithic to the late Cycladic II period.

Later we’ll take you to the charming Megalochori village where you’ll meet up with our local chef. He will teach you all how to make your favorite Greek foods: souvlaki, grape leaves and other yummy things as Paolo and Carl sing for their supper. You’ll be eating what you make, folks, so kindly pay attention.

Day 7 Naxos June 10

We’re headed to the beautiful isle of Naxos today. After a short 2 hour ferry ride we’ll settle into our luxurious hotel and have lunch. We’ll then be whisked away once again and taken to the middle of nowhere on the island. We’ll be greeted by the very talented Maggie. She will teach us the art of marble carving using ancient tools. In case you didn’t completely appreciate the marble sculptures you have seen thus far you will surely do so now as you endeavor to make your own.

After that humbling and informative experience we’ll head back to the hotel and shake off the marble dust. Before dinner you might choose to take a swim or a sauna or a hot tub. Or just sit out and watch the boats go by on the Aegean sea with a drink. After dinner we’ll head up to the old town for a concert under the stars.

Day 8 Naxos June 11

Today… get lost. We’re going to take a little down time and relax. Go out on your own today and explore. You can’t get too lost however, It’s an island. Or if you’re up for it you can join Carl for a bike ride along the coast or join Paolo for an easy hike between the villages of Chalki and Moni. Whatever you decide we’ll all meet up for dinner later on. Enjoy!

Day 9 Naxos June 12

Arise! It’s our last day and you don’t want to miss a minute of it.

After our breakfast at the hotel (which is the best breakfast I’ve ever seen) we’re heading for the water yet again. This is an all day voyage of cave exploring, snorkeling, swimming, and eating. What an amazing way to end the trip. As soon as we’re done we’ll head back to the hotel to change and then over to the Temple of Apollo to see the sunset.

Then our last dinner. We started the tour with music and we will end it the same way. We shall dine and drink like Greek gods, toasting one and all at the finish of our RenAdentures.

Day 10 Naxos June 13

Εις το επανιδείν! – Until we meet again!

We’re saying a fond farewell to our new favorite place and our new favorite people. . We hope that your hearts, minds and bellies are happily filled from your journey here. We’ll make sure that you get to your plane, or ferry on time and hope that you will return and/or join us on another RenAdventure in the not too distant future. It has been an honor to be with you all.

Ciao for now and καλό ταξίδι

Buon Viaggio.

What You Get


  • Welcoming and full assistance during the tour by our quasi-bilingual tour leaders.
  • 9 nights accommodation in double occupancy room, with breakfast and local taxes.
  • Lunches and dinners specifically listed (this tour covers 7 out of 9 dinners).
  • Visits, including licensed-guide(s) and entry to the monuments.
  • The activities listed in the daily programme.

Not Included:

  • Airfare.
  • All meals not mentioned as “free lunch/free dinner”.
  • Tips and personal expenses.
  • Personal insurances (cancellation, luggage, early departure, etc).
  • Optional activities not listed in the week programme, which you can book through our tour leader.
  • Everything else which is not clearly specified in the “Included” list.
Praise for RenAdventures


“All our accommodations were top-notch and we traveled in comfort on a private chauffeured mini-bus.”

 – Damaris Wilcox


“My husband and I enjoyed Italy tremendously and would never have been able to plan such a visit so well on our own.”

 – Jeanne Lynch


“Would I go on another tour with RenAdventures? Absolutely—the sooner the better!”

 – Cherie Ferro


“I’d go again every year if I could, and do plan on another trip with them!“

 – Diana Ballew